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Drs. Hecht, Jacobus, and Gordon of Somerset Oral Surgery are seasoned, board-certified oral surgeons who utilize emerging technological innovations to complement the quality care they provide to each patient. By using advanced 3D imaging technology, digital X-rays, guided implant placement, intraoral scanners, and digital impressions, they can create the most accurate and comprehensive treatment plans to address any oral health need.

Benefits of 3D Scans

By using state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology, we are able to offer superior care compared to using traditional 2D scans.

  • Less radiation exposure
  • Detailed images from any angle to create accurate surgical plans and guides
  • More accurate diagnoses, creating less risk of surprises in surgery
  • Easily shareable images to send to your dentist

We only use the most advanced, cutting edge 3D technology that outperforms traditional 2D scans in every category by offering:

  • Easy-to-share images to send to your dentist.
  • Lower levels of radiation exposure.
  • Highly accurate diagnoses, reducing the risks of surprises during surgery.
  • High quality, detailed images from every angle, guiding our surgeons in creating surgical plans in guides.

Using 3D Scans in Oral Surgery

Using advanced 3D CT scanners allows surgeons to render the clearest digital images possible. By harnessing this technology for oral and maxillofacial areas, they are able to create precise treatments based on findings in accurate, high-quality scans. By using these scans, surgeons leverage their power to design plans to treat oral pathology, bone grafting, create surgical guides for dental implant insertion, and so much more. These scans help make these procedures more effective and prioritize patient safety by targeting problem areas, preventing potential damage to surrounding areas during surgery.

Putting Your Health and Safety Above All

Because some patients may be particularly sensitive to radiation, we only take 3D scans when deemed safe and necessary for treatment planning. We prioritize your needs to determine the most suitable course of action for your oral health.

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Somerset Oral Surgery is dedicated to creating beautiful, functional smiles through exceptional oral healthcare. We work to create a practice where everyone in the Somerville, Lebanon, and Hillsborough, NJ communities feels welcome. If you’re ready to discover the transformative power of oral surgery to restore aesthetics and functions, get in touch with our office to schedule a consultation to learn how we can help bring you a better, healthier smile.