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Bone Grafting

Rebuild Bone Health

Bone grafts play a crucial role in establishing a sturdy foundation for dental implants. When the jaw lacks sufficient bone density to support implants, grafting procedures become essential. By reinforcing bone structure, grafts enhance the stability and longevity of dental implants, ensuring restored oral function and aesthetics.

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Understanding How a Bone Graft Works

Bone grafting involves the introduction of grafting materials into deficient bone areas, drawn from various sources such as synthetic substances, the patient's own body (autografts), donated human tissue (allografts), or animal tissue (xenografts). Once inserted, this graft initiates the generation of fresh bone cells, which replace the grafting material and foster the formation of robust and healthier bone tissue.

Typically used to establish a stable base for dental implants, bone grafting is crucial when the jaw lacks sufficient bone mass. Dental implants, serving as artificial tooth roots, are surgically embedded into the jawbone. Without ample bone support, the successful placement of dental implants becomes uncertain. By fortifying stability and endurance, bone grafts enhance the prospects of dental implant success, ultimately restoring both structural integrity and oral functionality.

Types of Anesthesia

We offer several forms of anesthesia to ensure your comfort.

Types of Bone Grafting Treatments

In your consultation, you’ll have your oral health assessed through the use of advanced 3D scans of your face and mouth to comprehensively assess your needs. Our surgeons will then be able to evaluate your facial structures, identify any hidden oral health issues, and create a personalized care plan. For many dental implant candidates, a bone graft is needed to support the future implant. If your doctor recommends a bone graft, they’ll review the grafting treatment that’s right for you and provide further information on what to expect.

During your consultation, our staff will take high-quality 3D scans of your facial and oral regions to conduct a thorough assessment of your oral health needs. Your surgeon will then examine your facial anatomy, determine if there are any concealed oral health issues, and devise a tailored treatment plan. For many potential dental implant recipients, the necessity of a bone graft arises to bolster future implant support. Should your doctor recommend a bone graft, they will discuss suitable grafting options and provide detailed insights into the procedure.

Ridge Augmentation

Altering the bone structure to ensure a sturdy foundation for forthcoming implants, a ridge augmentation reconstructs the alveolar ridge, the essential bony support for teeth placement.

Sinus Lift

In instances where the upper jaw requires additional bone height for implant insertion, a sinus lift procedure elevates the sinus wall and introduces a bone graft to create a more robust and healthier base for dental implants.

Socket Preservation

Socket preservation is used to prevent bone deterioration and uphold the dimensions of the socket post-extraction. This safeguards the surrounding bone integrity for prospective dental implant placements.

Major Bone Grafting

Bone grafting addresses substantial skeletal deficiencies stemming from tumor surgery, diseases, congenital issues, or trauma through harvesting bone from the patient's skull, knee, hip or an external source. These intricate procedures, aimed at rebuilding and revitalizing damaged bone structures, are conducted within a hospital setting under the expertise of our oral surgeon.

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