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Tooth Extractions

Alleviate Discomfort & Improve Oral Health

When trauma, disease, or decay threaten the well-being of surrounding teeth, a tooth extraction can provide pain relief and preserve the health and safety of adjacent teeth. Consulting with a skilled, board-certified oral surgeon, like Drs. Hecht, Jacobus, and Gordon can provide clarity whether a tooth extraction is right for you. At Somerset Oral Surgery, we prioritize exceptional care and optimal outcomes for every patient. By performing tooth extractions we provide patients with pain relief and improve their quality of life. Contact our practice in Somerville, NJ, Lebanon, NJ, or Hillsborough, NJ to set up a consultation today.

When Is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

There are many scenarios that necessitate tooth extractions. Frequently, they're required in the wake of dental trauma, which can result from injuries or accidents causing severe damage to a tooth. Additionally, extractions may be necessary in cases of advanced tooth decay when alternative treatments like fillings or root canals prove ineffective. Overcrowding of teeth or problematic wisdom teeth are also common reasons for extractions, as they can lead to misalignment and various other dental problems if not addressed promptly.

How Does a Tooth Extraction Work?

Prior to any tooth extraction procedure, you'll arrange a consultation with one of our doctors for a thorough examination of your oral health. During this consultation, you’ll discuss your anesthesia options. While local anesthesia is generally sufficient for straightforward extractions, more complex cases or patients with dental anxiety may benefit from IV sedation for a more comfortable experience.

On the day of your surgery, anesthesia will be administered according to the chosen plan. Once it has taken effect, your doctor will delicately extract the tooth, employing techniques to minimize any potential trauma to surrounding tissues. Following the extraction, the area will be cleaned, and you will be provided with comprehensive instructions to facilitate a smooth and successful recovery.

What is Recovery Like?

Once your tooth extraction has been performed, you can expect a smooth recovery. You will be instructed to use a saltwater solution to maintain cleanliness and prevent bacteria or food particles from accumulating around the extraction site. It is possible your surgeon will prescribe pain medication to take during the healing process. Whatever instructions you receive should be followed very carefully to ensure your healing goes as smoothly as possible. If you run into any issues, notice excessive bleeding, or experience pain, please contact our office promptly.

Types of Anesthesia

We offer several forms of anesthesia to ensure your comfort.

Tooth Replacement Options After Extraction

Once a tooth is extracted, a tooth replacement is necessary to preserve oral function and mitigate the risk of complications.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are surgically implanted into the jaw and create the most natural-looking tooth replacement, while offering the appearance of natural teeth, stimulating the jawbone to preserve facial structure, and preventing bone loss following tooth removal.

Immediate Dental Implants

For patients with healthy jawbones, a same-day dental implant presents the opportunity to preserve the aesthetics of a full smile, without a drastic change in appearance. After the implant is placed, a temporary crown is utilized during the process of osseointegration. This option reduces the number of appointments needed to repair the smile.

Socket Preservation

A socket preservation protects the size and shape of a tooth socket, ensuring that no bone is lost while a patient decides whether or not to have a dental implant placed. Once the empty socket is filled with bone grafting material the risk of damage to the face’s structural integrity and the risk of tooth shifting increases the chance of successful tooth replacement in the future.

No Replacement, No Problem?

Foregoing a tooth replacement can create problems such as tooth misalignment, jawbone atrophy, and problems with overall function, such as difficulty biting. One of our oral surgeons can discuss tooth replacement options with you to help guide your decision.

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